Pacific Northwest Marches

Adventure 2: Discharge Lake (attempt 2)

Slimy Boogaloo

Hail and well met.

We rallied together a team of adventurers, consisting of myself (Sir Levosh Argden), Astor, Lothar, Rook, and Thistle. Our mission as simple: Re-enter the cave we exited from last time, and discover the secret of the damnable lake of corruption.

As expected, the cave was overrun with Kobolds. The daughter of Erno was in these caves trying to prove her value as a warrior, which seemed ill-advised, but she was fortunately rescued mostly unscathed. However, something else was amiss: it was far too warm, moist, and smelly for a Kobold cave. It didn’t take long for the dragon hiding behind them to reveal its scaly hide and shovel-less claws. It didn’t take long for this beast to demonstrate how powerful and frightening it was, immediately ripping off half of Rook’s arm. I believe my compatriots would be better suited to describing the actual melee, but suffice it to say I stood in the face of the beast and escaped not only with only scratches and bruises, but the rest of my compatriots were alive. I’m still scraping dried dragon blood of my shovel’s blade.

We found an interesting crown immediately after. Not quite the hoard of wealth we’ve come to expect from a dragon (though I’m sure there is one hidden in the caves now), but a priceless find regardless: a new suit of armor, several excellent shovels, a small plot of land to tend to a garden, the possibilities are endless.

We returned to the keep with our lives, the grown, and Erno’s daughter. I was rather confused and dazed by this point, having fended off two dragon’s blows with my face, so I don’t quite remember what happened beyond Rook vandalizing a kind Smith’s sign, me making it worse when I tried to help, and then Rook attempting to rob an innkeeper. We’re going to have to keep an eye on that one. But for now, I must rest. I think I’m slightly concussed.



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