Pacific Northwest Marches

Adventure 3: Dragon Den

Phat Loot and Narrow Escapes

Placeholder till someone has time to flesh out adventure

  1. Adventuring Party went back into the Kobold tunnels with the intention of seeking out the dragon’s den
  1. Passed through the entry no problem
  2. Found door to dining hall, unlocked it and entered surprising Kobolds
  3. Faced a couple of regular Kobolds, two armored Kobolds, and a mystical Kobold who summoned an elemental that we squashed pretty quickly.
  4. Found another door, unlocked it, and entered into dragon’s lair
  5. Everyone stuffed their pockets
  6. Dragon showed back up, flying into lair through roof entrance
  7. Rook, Thistle, and Theo ran away through the door they came in through
  8. Corgus skurried up the wall as a spider, narrowly avoiding death by dragon, turned into a bird and flew to meet up with the rest of the party

Other things not sure when they happened:

  • Rook found a bag of holding



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