How to Play

  • [Optional] Read the book: Dungeon World is cheap and easy to get.
  • Join the campaign: ping me with your username / email and I’ll invite you.
  • Plan an adventure: make a plan, find a group, find a DM, find a time.
  • Report back: Tell everyone what happened back at the tavern .

In the short term, I (blinks) will be the DM and keep the world in order. If you find another DM for your adventure, make sure they contact me so I can provide any relevant information to them before you set out.

Character Creation

Use one of the basic playbooks and fill out everything but bonds, and add your character to the campaign. You can introduce yourself when you want to join or schedule an adventure (in that thread) at the tavern — don’t clutter the tavern with a bunch of “Hi” threads.

  • Use the “Dungeon World character sheet” dynamic style sheet.
  • Do NOT use the biography section for anything but links to the adventure log.

Pacific Northwest Marches

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